This project is an attempt to provide side-by-side translations of all versions of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. When creating the translations, I have endeavoured to keep the syntax and words as close to the original Anglo-Saxon as possible. This means that in some cases the language may sound kind of stiff or stilted, but in the end, the translation is much closer to the original text than most translations that are out there. For example, where the AS Chronicle uses 'forþferde', most translations will translate this as 'died'. However, I translate this as 'departed', which is a more appropriate for this word, since it was used euphemestically in many cases.

The translations are mainly my own, so there might/will be mistakes. If you see anything that jumps out, don't hesitate to contact me with a correction.

This entire website is a long, SLOW, work in progress. If anyone wants to help out, just send me an email